giovedì 31 maggio 2018

Handmade furniture - Brianza - Italy

M.I.A. Mobili Intarsiati Artistici is a company which specializes in handmade reproduction Louis XV, Louis XVI, Maggiolini and Empire style furniture. For over 40 years we have produced a collection of period furniture that revives the elegance, refinement and the magic of the past.

Our in style furniture

The Louis XV Style developed in France during the reign of Louis XV (1720-60) and brought to life a style which favoured light curved lines, decorations in gilded bronze which embellished without weighing the piece down, and inlays of stylized flowers, landscapes and chinoiserie.
The Louis XV style furniture in our collection: inlaid desks, tables.

The Louis XVI Style, which coincides with the reign of the French sovereign of the same name (1774-92), transmits a taste for symmetry, balance, the use of a wide range of ornaments and curved lines, the rediscovery of decorations inspired by antiquity and, most especially, the repertoire of the Greco-Roman era.

The greatest interpreter of Neoclassicism in the production of furniture in Italy, and specifically Lombardy, was Giuseppe Maggiolini (Parabiago 1738-1814) who achieved exceptional results in terms of inlaying technique, thanks to both his expertise and the quality of his design. Louis XVI and Maggiolini style furniture in our collection: inlaid beds, chests of drawers, desks and writing tops, tables and glazed cabinets.

The Empire Style developed during the Napoleonic Era (1804-1815). Empire style furniture is solid and majestic with harmonious, balanced and linear proportions which satisfy the need for simplicity. The Empire Style furniture in our collection: inlaid desks and tables.

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